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Friends Only~

So...I've decided to finally make this journal...


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...I don't know how to make all my past entries friends only though, so I guess it'll just be from this entry onwards. o-o


....I am so fucking sick of this.

I would really like it if people would please stop spreading rumors about me. I am human, you know. I am allowed to have social anxiety and to be shy. I am allowed to be tired and mentally absent. I am not a sugary fairy that bounces around 24/7. Please stop expecting me to.

Also, when I sew nonstop the week before a con while balancing other obligations and hours of piano practice, I'm going to be pretty sleep-deprived. I am not a robot that doesn't need sleep. I need it, and don't get enough. Also, cons are incredibly busy, and I am often rushing off to the next thing on my schedule. I'm sorry I can't make everyone feel special, hell I barely was able to spend time with my brother - MY BEST FRIEND OF A BROTHER WHOM I LOVE SO MUCH AND WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR - at Otakon.

Another thing - as a human female, I experience something called a period. Which tends to fall around cons (aka mid to late part of month). Add that to sleep deprivation and stress and well, it's not a pretty picture.

Seriously. I am sick of this. I try not to let it bother me, but as a human with feelings, this fucking hurts. It really, really, hurts.
Nodame cute, Daaawww


SO. I have a senior research project due rather soon...well...a checkpoint. But I need DATA. And for that I need people to do my survey. r_r

SO. Please take some time to do it. ;__; Feel free to answer anonymously. Please answer honestly. Comments will also be screened.

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